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msn on the ds – hallelujah!

It’s taken quite a while but I’ve discovered the wonderful world of DS homebrew applications!

Beup, an MSN Messenger client for the DS. It’s a very simple port but it works beautifully. It’s come in very handy in my case as our wurk computers are woefully forbidden from internet access due to virus precautions. No longer shall I be estranged from the rest of the world by day!

DSOrganize, which turns the DS into a memo-keeping, contact-remembering PDA. There’s even a web browser included among its features, which dangit, seems to keep crashing on me. Personally, I prefer to use my phone for reminders but this works well for anyone who wants to multitask their DS between gaming and important work thingies.

ScummVM DS, which runs classic LucasArts adventure games from the 80s and early 90s. Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion on your DS! (But not at the same time.) The game resolutions are a bit cramped on the DS screens so the accuracy of the stylus is a little off sometimes, but otherwise most games run perfectly at full speed with sound. Just like you remembered it on your ol’ Amiga, which mum gave away when you moved out.

Ah, the limitless wonders of homemade software! Don’t brick your DS by mistake though.

In other news, one of these awesome smiley juice packets wanted to come home with me last week but its exorbitant price tag said no.