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happy feet & the fall of the pc

The Olympics start today. Happy Olympics all! I shall continue my custom of following the gymnastics and diving events. I don’t personally indulge in either of them but for some reason it’s been a curious tendency since childhood.

Patterned shoes have been rocking my socks. (Except that I don’t wear any with ’em. Haha!)

‘Twas a fine week’s end when I laid mine eyes upon a pair of plaid mary janes in Nike Midvalley and was promptly lovestruck. I’m usually quite picky with shoes, but these really took the cake. They also took a pretty big bite out of the wallet at a couple hundred dollars but they’re great to wear – cushy and flexible!

Erico got capris to match. I think they’re awesome.

Everlast pair from Sungei Wang – retro-ish pattern and in my favourite colour scheme! These ones were about RM65 – a little less comfy than the mary janes but still good walkwear, and wonderful eye-candy. Cellphone camera photos don’t do them justice.

Incidentally, I’ve been seeing these rapper blinds sunglasses in a lot of stores.

I first saw photos of Kanye West wearing them in his Glow in the Dark Tours and thought they looked perfectly bizarre. Now they seem to be an in-thing. How do they block the sun? More importantly, how do you see through these things? I must try them on next time and find out.

One more month ’til the end of the Megasale! Not sure if will be able to allot enough time to shop though. A big project with a frightfully short deadline is starting and weekends will be spent in the Office. A bit of a downer but well, a good thing will come by soon enough I’m shure.


A recent virus scan on the pc indicated that a one ‘WinSys2.exe’ process in the system was infected. I searched the interwebs and learnt from various panicked forum posters that yes, WinSys2.exe was a virus and should be removed immediately upon detection. Following their removal methods, I zapped the offending application from the sanctity of my pc. KAPOW! GONE!

I later found out that WinSys2.exe was actually what kept my nVidia card running.

I is smart.