shoes, nuptials & shooting kids

Yup, ’tis aboot the right time for the Monthly Post.

In retrospective, several awesome things happened the past few weeks, involving

The Bestest Buy in the World

Was scouring through Bangsar boutiques for wardrobe updates, and came across these beautiful satin polkadot heels in élo. Very retro and pinup girl-y. I have an undying love for all things retro and pinup girl-y. There was a major sale, and these were further marked down as they were a size 4. So I got these for

RM20! RM20 AH!

Shooting Kids

Not that kind which might’ve crossed your mind.

Had the chance to attend a filming session yesterday for a children’s tv spot we’re working on. My narcoleptic colleague and I were supposed to help direct 6 preteen children in their scenes, and keep them occupied when they weren’t on set, b’cos y’know, when unsupervised kids play hard with sports props = maybe smash something.

The kids were actually quite professional throughout, no complaints, no wanting parents, etc. They’re eager and easy to direct. But being cooped up in the studio for a whole day with a constant supply of soft drinks had them ricocheting off the walls. We went upstairs to the sitting area to discover that the whole area was sopping wet from a water fight they’d been having, to which one of our producers wailed, “They’re driving me crazy!”

A few gems heard throughout the day:

Quote 1

Mika: (to Ilham) You’re a blubberbutt!

Ilham: You’re a dumb-head!

(Ilham turns to Daniel.)

Ilham: Hey, you can call us both that.

Quote 2

Sarah: He’s annoying, he acts like a 6-year old, and.. (lowers voice to a whisper)… he looks like a nerd.

Jacko testing out a scene with the girls. He’s quite a natural with kids, although they seem to enjoy lobbing stuff at the poor guy a lot.

All in all, good fun!

Ann’s Wedding Dinner

My lovely collegemate, with whom I’ve spent many a good and bad time, hath tied the knot with her man. I still can’t believe it. Everyone’s growing up so fast! *tear

Congratulations, you guys. All the best for the future!

Our college gang, sans the newlyweds. I was wearing the Awesomely Discounted Polkadot Heels with my blue-pink halterneck. They fit okay, but pinch a little bit. Because my feet are a size bigger. But they’re still worth it! Worth it I tell you!

Fadder Day, today

The parents are here for the night and we had the Japanese buffet at CenterPoint for dinner, which was scrumptious. Great dinners with loved ones are the best thing. The only thing which could’ve made it better would be if we had Koko-nut here with us, so. Hurry back you!


tremors in the night

It’s a quiet Monday night and we’re in the office bustling to meet our deadlines.

About 10.30pm or so, I felt like I was swaying a bit in my chair. Thought Jacko might be jiggling his leg rather little too violently underneath the table in time to his Indonesian songs. Just when I turned to ask him, he said, “Ei. Shaking your leg is it?”


Upon consulting the interwebs, it seems that there was just an earthquake measuring 6.2 in Sumatra, with the tremors reaching all the way to Malaysia. Goodness!

We were the only ones in the office who felt it though. Ze Head of Department said mebbe it was because our desks are situated right on top of a covered staircase entrance which, in dire quake situations, would be the first parts of the second floor to give way. Goodness!

ding-dong! it won’t be long

Two earth-shattering things happened this week.

One, I have actually set a course for my career for the next few years, which involves quite a few drastic changes,

Two, dear sister Mel’s union with Albert has finally been approved by the parental units, and wedding plans are underway.

So even when I had to stay back at work today upon last minute notice, and even when the job dragged on to 2am when it should have ended at 11, I had the silliest grin on my face all the way through.

the delightful spammer

In the past few months, I’ve been receiving quite a number of email forwards from a certain person. I don’t recognize the name nor the email address of the sender, and I have no idea how he managed to scrounge up my email address, but one day the email forwards just started coming and never stopped since. MYSTERIOUSNESS!

Like most everyone else, I usually don’t like forwarded emails without substance – I especially abhor the superficial ones with ‘U R MY FREN SEND DIS BACK 2 ME AND WE R FRENS FOREVAH!!11’ swamped with animated sparkly teddy bear gif hell. Honestly, whoever actually rates friendship strength on replies after sending these beastly things out deserves to get smacked upside the head.

Fortunately though, this fellow is different. His emails have really entertaining content. This enigma has sent many a funny forward, and thus he shall be dubbed ‘The Delightful Spammer.”

Like this one gem, Proper Baby Care! A pictorial guide on how to handle your pride and joy.


More baby-caring goodness below!

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the folk of yesteryears


BestFriendMaz is back from the UK! Have missed her terribly, and it’s glorious to have her here again. Met up with the girlfriends in Subang this evening for scrumptious porridge steamboat. Yummy. Love it. Love them.

The nicest surprise came while we were having drinks after in SS14 Bistro though – first we ran into a couple of secondary schoolmates, then an old primary classmate, neither of whom I’ve seen for years. I’ve always remembered one of the said sec. schoolmates (who, come to think of it, actually goes way back to kindy with me), as being slightly rotund throughout his younger years. Now he be a lean mean muscular machine. Which is wonderful, really – it never fails to amaze me when I come across old friends from school who’ve shed their old looks to reveal how attractive they really can be.

The primary school classmate, a dashing young man whom I always used to invite to my pre-pubescent birthday parties every primary year and then had nothing else to do with after we entered different secondary schools, surprisingly still remembered my first name, and the birthday parties. Even more impressively, he remembered there was ice-cream cake. Goodness! I can’t even for the life of me remember what I had for dinner last Sunday.

It’s really nice to know that even though you haven’t been in touch with old schoolmates for donkey years, you still remain a part of their memories. For something as trivial as birthday celebrations, or, as I discovered to my horror from another old chum, for having absurdly curly hair comparable to a brand of instant noodles.

Name it and suffer my wrath.

a collection of befuddlements

yoinked from nintendoworldreport.

One of the games I’ve been really getting into these days is Professor Layton and the Curious Village on the DS, a mystery adventure in which you advance through the story by solving little IQ puzzles throughout the game.

I’m not really much of a brainteaser nut, but what is so compelling about the game is that there’s just so much effort put into it – from its little animated shorts to the beautifully illustrated western-style settings, so very reminiscent of Hayao Miyazaki’s films. It’s so gorgeous! So gorgeous!

The puzzles are pretty clever – many are arithmetic questions which, at first glance, look like they need a lot of calculation, but then it turns out that the answers can be achieved through simple logical thinking. So far, I haven’t had too much trouble with them, but this particular puzzle was a real stumper for me.

The Camera & The Case

While walking through a market on vacation, you notice a small stand selling cameras. A camera-and-case-set is selling for $310. The seller tells you that the camera costs $300 more than the case itself and that the case costs the price of the set minus the cost of the camera.

You decide that you’d rather wait on buying a camera and opt to just buy the case alone. You hand the seller a $100 bill and see his eyes light up. Think fast now! How much change should you be getting back?

Can YUH get ze answer? It isn’t $90, by the way!

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eleven days of goofing off

Curses! I hath been summoned by the Office to cut my leave short. Will be flying down to Singapore this Friday to storyboard for Nickelodeon’s new promo. Dear Skip sugarcoated the proposition by saying we could go shopping there, but seeing as we’ll be returning on the same day, methinks there not be any time for leisure.. nevertheless, it’s my first time being sent there though – something new to experience!

I had a really good week – it’s been so nice to be able to live leisurely with the family and relax and do my own thing. Have been asked several times by others if it’s been boring here, being away from hustle-n’-bustle of city life. NAW! There are plenty of things to do here. I have thus far kept myself entertained throughout the week with

9 hours of butchering Beethoven on the piano
2 books read
A fantastic day with gorgeous big sister Mel
Wandering around town with Mum
Watching CJ7 (aduhhh jayus sihhh)

BEHOLD! Ribbons and angpaus tied to plants.. crafty geniusness!

Decorating the house for CNY
Many hours of visiting relatives
Helping papa in the garden
Running errands
Working through Phoenix Wright

He likes you too.

Painting an androgynous person
Plenty of TV watching
Massive amounts of eating
A bout of flu

and tomorrow, some cookie baking! Then setting off for home on Thursday. Feeling quite sorry to leave and trudge through the mundane routine of normal life again.. but at least I can always return the next long holiday.. my leave permitting. Ah! To be a student again!