Yikes – the hosting for mechakitten.org expired the day right after I posted the notice about it going to expire, and I didn’t get to save the lengthy last blog entry to paste it here. Curses!

If you’re wondering about the blog location shift; to reiterate from my final post there, I’m thinking of changing domains. I’m quite fond of mechakitten, as the name’s so weird and quirky, but it be not very suitable for professional interests, so I’m looking for a subtler name. Or maybe something less inclined to boggle people when they hear it. No matter though! I’m still keeping the mechakitten domain name for a bit, to forward to the new site next time.

In the meantime, I’m dusting off the ole’ unused wordpress and using it as a temporary home while I continue my journey to discover that Ooomphy domain name to nest at. You shall never be free from my adventures, which will persist here. Hur hur hur!

Much luv and fuzzy bearness.



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  Rina wrote @

Good luck on your journey to finding that domain name =) Oh, should I change your link addy or is leaving it as is fine?

  chii wrote @

Thanks Rina! 😀 It’s up to you if you’d like to change the link – the old name redirects to here anyways, so either way is fine. Thanks very much for the thought :3

  Halley wrote @

Oh I know what you mean. Whenever I start a website, I get all picky about the names since it would be sticking around for awhile. Any who, I wish you the best of luck on your search =]. It should be something meaningful to you.

  frostee wrote @

ooomphy sounds good.

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