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i must take a vacation


Our HOD is currently holidaying in Japan – around Tokyo as well as the Harajuku, Shibuya and Roppongi districts. Like any other well-wishing peer, I am absolutely flabbergasted with envy and am indignant about being left behind. He did say that he could get something for me there, but after putting much thought into it, I decided to just ask him to take photographs of

Interesting Japanese package designs
People in the subway
Harajuku fashion
High school students
Technologically-advanced public toilets

He had a rather dubious expression on his face as I handed him my list but well! Anyone who goes to Japan when I have tight deadlines can jolly well help bring that bit of happiness back for me!


home for the holidays


‘Tis the time of festivities once again, and as with the tradition, a wallpaper to commemorate the year – the Red Packet Mouse! Heaven help the child who opens this angpau.

Hooo! Am back in Melaka with the family for the Chinese New Year, on a glorious 2-week leave. I really hadn’t realised that the last time I returned here was during the last CNY.. golly, is it me or was last year just the quickest one ever?

Having 2 short weeks of liberty here, (besides indulging in miscellaneous hobbies) I mean to work on some freelance and portfolio works. My blessed laptop, as some of you might remember, is still, still out of commission.. so I copied files from my PC into an external hard disk the night before I left, intending to bring it with me to be continued on the computer here. Made sure all files were in order, materials, needed software etc were all copied, and bundled my little Wacom tablet in my bag. All set!

And now I sit here, tablet pen in hand, realising that yes indeed, I am missing something.

My external HD!



i am not a robot

So today was the TULAN-est day ever, for a number of reasons.

#1: Rotten Deadlines
Yesterday I was abruptly assigned to put together a wedding video montage for a producer o’ mine whose wedding is at the end of the month – a motion graphicky, pop-up book-like animation (one of the references I was given was this.) A little intimidating, but looks fun nevertheless.

Today I find out the deadline to complete it – 2 days. Minus half the day it took to get the materials and details – 1 1/2 days. To finish a montage, which looks like this, lasting 3 minutes at least, on my own. Non-negotiable.

This just cheeses me off to no end. Obviously, the deadline has been given with little regard to the fact that the person designing the montage has to sleep and eat. The wedding has been in planning for nearly a year now, why was this montage only requested just over a week before the wedding date? And why, oh why, are amazing results expected after 1 1/2 days? Yes, of course we all want the montage to look fantastic. And personally, I feel honoured to be able to contribute to an absolutely sacred event for the newlyweds, so I want to come up with something nice. Rubbish deadlines ≠ something nice.

#2: The Disobliging Colleague
The creative supervisor, seeing that I was juggling the montage with another design job, asked another colleague to lend a hand, and he claimed he was busy with another project. Having shifted attention away from himself, the bugger twiddles with his drawing tablet, then leans back and takes a nap.

#3: Bad Meal
I came home late from work, decided to cook up a sausage omelette because I missed dinner earlier, and burnt omelette while checking on the montage on computer. (My fault, but I was ticked off anyway.)

Besides having to work throughout tonight and tomorrow night, I’d say yes, everything else has been just fine so far.