if this goes through..

.. then wonder of wonders, I can post here using the PSP! Yet another triumphant effort at rebelling against merciless internet restrictions at the workplace!

Squatting in a dark dusty corner, hunched over a handheld console, is but a small price to pay for this luscious piece of liberty.

And some 10 kms away, Erico wonders how come his PSP is never where he left it the night before.



  Loong wrote @

Bwahahaha … this is exactly the downtime your company wanted to prevent by locking down the Internet at the office.

  p-p-ping wrote @


  chii wrote @

Loong – Normally I would agree but the main reason for the restriction over here is due to virus prevention, for the non-Mac users at least.We’re free to use the wifi as long as it’s not with our work pcs. Yosh!

Pingy – I believe it’s spelt ‘BUGGER’ miss. And do not remind me of my laptop! I have been traumatised by ghastly customer service every time I call the centre.

  Doogular wrote @


Show them what NDS can do!

  Kym wrote @

found u on illusivehopes…

“Squatting in a dark dusty corner, hunched over a handheld console” haha! thats awesome.. thats what PSP’s and iphones are for nowaday! 😛

  Classifieds wrote @

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  marquezjones13768 wrote @

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