a little fall of rain

It’s been quite a draggy couple of weeks – working on a rushed deadline coupled with the rainy weather. I love rain but it shure is hard(er) getting out of the snug warm bed in the mornings when it’s lovely and misty and drizzling lazily outside. Why doesn’t it do that when I get to sleep in! Why!

We’ve gotten two freelancers to accommodate to the urgency of this project and they’re pretty good to work with. The most amazing coincidence is, one of them has actually taken his degree recently in little Wanganui, where I lived for my student exchange year!

It was really good catching up, and seeing his photos of familiar sights – the quaint buildings, the smelly little cineplex where I used to go to with my schoolmates, and the sole Chinese restaurant in town which took an hour to serve the only occupied table in the place. (My parents and I.) On his last meal there, they still hadn’t filled up. Nor gotten any faster.

Ah! How I miss them!

Lately I find that I’ve been feeling quite Unmotivated. Not exactly sure why but I suspect that it ees because I haven’t been having enough Me Time because of Over Time, or maybe life has become a little bit too routinic. I shall plan for a vacation overseas next year, and I’m setting my sights on the UK if possible. BestFriendMaz has been having too much fun without me and I must put a halt to that. Will I make it there to stop her diabolical plans to constantly travel? Whoosh!

Other curious sights seen:

This is the first time I’ve seen a local horse warning sign. This was in Bangsar last Saturday. For an equestrian fair of some sort, maybe? There were no horses to be seen in front of anywhere though. Mysteriousness.

Somebody has taken one of the decorative rocks on the Office reception floor and drawn a little face on it. I think it’s fabulous.



  Malkor wrote @

I’ve just preodered WARHAMMER ONLINE! Collector’s ed!! WHOOOHOOOO!! OMG OMG OMG!! JOIN JOINNNN!!!!

  Chris wrote @

I has my monies on WOTLK. BWAHAH!

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