one less excuse not to keep fit

This recent DS release caught my interest, not only because I feel I’ve been sitting on my ass too much lately, but also for its toned down notebook-like design, a nice change from the usual bright colours of other DS games.

What this little game does is to help you reach your ideal weight through daily activities and fun encouragement from its animated characters. Gym? Whut is zis “gym” you speek of?

On your first run through the game, it estimates your physical condition and how many calories you need to lose per month based on the answers you give in their introductory quiz. I was expecting some pretty bad news, but rather, it told me that based on my calculated BMI, I needed to gain weight to get to my ideal physical state. HAH! I shall record this for posterity to show them skeptics at work!

In truth, My Weight Loss Coach is less of a game than an electronic journal to keep tabs on your fitness regime. It gives suggestions on how to improve your health, gauges your healthiness by the food you eat daily, and sets healthy tasks for you to perform. The software actually comes bundled with a pedometer (meter for pedos hahhaha.) which you strap onto yourself to record the number of steps you take daily, after which you plug it into GBA slot of the DS to update the information of how active you’ve been.

There are a maximum of six challenges per day to choose from, ranging from physical exercises to simply establishing good eating habits. After you agree to take up each challenge, you’re free to go off and accomplish it, then return and mark it as done in the game. Of course you can always bluff, but who’re you planning to fool? Yourself ah?

For simple stick figures, their perpetually cheery characters are well-animated and incredibly adorable. The little squeals they emit with expressions are so cute that I feel all gooey whenever I hear them. (I can imagine that a certain colleague, upon seeing them, would declare them to be “Sickening”.) The background music is pretty good too – light, enjoyable, and not imposing.


Tinkering with it has been quite interesting so far for the past couple of days, so much so that getting the pedometer bundle has crossed my mind but nevah fear! Ah vill give it a couple of weeks of impulse buy leeway to see how it goes. Until then I will have to count steps myself in order to update my daily health schedule. 6000 steps? Pah! ‘Tis but a trifle quantity to note up to!

In the meantime, I shall eagerly await the Final Fantasy IV remake, which will be coming out in a week’s time. Oh Kain! How I long to see your depixellised features!



  Dr.Dread wrote @

Oh I see you’re on a health kick.. you vill faillll….

  ping wrote @

Ah lahh pedometer what… get Wii Fit lar! That way you can do workouts the way they should be. In front of the tv.

  chii wrote @

To my supportive moniker-using buddies,

DOUBT me will you! I look forward to the day when I bound up to you, healthy and BMI-perfect, singing “‘Thanks to ‘My Weight Loss Coaaach~!'”

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