perforated watches & musicals

My new STAMPS watch hath arrived from the UK!

I’d never heard of these fantastic things before until I got one from Mel last year and luffed it to death. Basically, the wonder of these watches is that the watch face is detachable from the strap, and you can individually choose both items from a variety of designs to match together. Besides wearing them on your wrist, you can also wear the watch face on necklaces, hairbands, and attach it to surfaces using its sticky back.

I haven’t tried detaching the watch face from its clasp to do all that, though. Ze fingers do not handle delicate things with enough care.

My well-worn watch likes it too!

This new one is named Lady Chantal from the French Collection and comes as one set. The watch face is quite plain compared to other STAMPS watch faces but I really like the nature motive on the strap.

And the strap edges are pink to match the watch face. Ain’t that awesome! Eh? Eh?


Maz with hers, the Lady Veronique. She sent the Chantal by registered mail when she could’ve just passed it to her friend returning in August whom I could collect from. She’s lovely that way. And so is Erico, who paid for the Chantal for me. I’d love to have him wear another STAMPS, but strangely he refuses. I wonder why.

Went to watch The Beauty and The Beast musical on Tuesday with the parents and it was fabulous! We were sitting on the 3rd floor, but it was still very engaging despite the far view.

The stage settings were done pretty cleverly – for the bit in the forest where Belle was running from the castle, a transparent screen was lowered in front of the stage and 3D footage of foliage were projected onto it, making it look quite realistic. Shure saves the trouble of tree prop-making!

It was too dark to take pictures of that scene, but a resourceful somebody a few seats away had no inhibitions with using the camera flash. Recording equipment-banning rules ayn’t gonna stop ‘im from gettin’ ‘is moni’s worth!

The tavern where everyone is singing Gaston’s theme song. He is delightfully narcissistic and chauvinistic. He is why I enjoyed the musical so much. He is that whitish blob at the far left.

My dear phone takes horrendous pictures when it is zoomed into the stage from the 3rd floor, but that’s the ballroom scene when Mrs. Potts is singing the main theme. Belle and the Beast are busy yellowing towards the right.

Great time overall! I’m still waiting for the Phantom of the Opera to come to our shores. When will that be? When?!



  ping wrote @

i await the day when you decide two watches aren’t enough already. Heh heh heh

btw, your css seems to have some problem thing. I am seeing the image header tiling itself over and over and no word formatting. LIKE A 90’S WEBPAGE!

  chii wrote @

We shall see what devilry the eBay gods can come up with now!

Eh, I also dunno what’s up with the css la. Nowadays it’s pretty wonky here. You need a subscription fee to customise the layout, so me have no part in it THIS time.

  Hemorrhoid Treatment wrote @

i love classic operatic arias and Phantom Of The Opera is one of the best musical ,:.

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