shoes, nuptials & shooting kids

Yup, ’tis aboot the right time for the Monthly Post.

In retrospective, several awesome things happened the past few weeks, involving

The Bestest Buy in the World

Was scouring through Bangsar boutiques for wardrobe updates, and came across these beautiful satin polkadot heels in élo. Very retro and pinup girl-y. I have an undying love for all things retro and pinup girl-y. There was a major sale, and these were further marked down as they were a size 4. So I got these for

RM20! RM20 AH!

Shooting Kids

Not that kind which might’ve crossed your mind.

Had the chance to attend a filming session yesterday for a children’s tv spot we’re working on. My narcoleptic colleague and I were supposed to help direct 6 preteen children in their scenes, and keep them occupied when they weren’t on set, b’cos y’know, when unsupervised kids play hard with sports props = maybe smash something.

The kids were actually quite professional throughout, no complaints, no wanting parents, etc. They’re eager and easy to direct. But being cooped up in the studio for a whole day with a constant supply of soft drinks had them ricocheting off the walls. We went upstairs to the sitting area to discover that the whole area was sopping wet from a water fight they’d been having, to which one of our producers wailed, “They’re driving me crazy!”

A few gems heard throughout the day:

Quote 1

Mika: (to Ilham) You’re a blubberbutt!

Ilham: You’re a dumb-head!

(Ilham turns to Daniel.)

Ilham: Hey, you can call us both that.

Quote 2

Sarah: He’s annoying, he acts like a 6-year old, and.. (lowers voice to a whisper)… he looks like a nerd.

Jacko testing out a scene with the girls. He’s quite a natural with kids, although they seem to enjoy lobbing stuff at the poor guy a lot.

All in all, good fun!

Ann’s Wedding Dinner

My lovely collegemate, with whom I’ve spent many a good and bad time, hath tied the knot with her man. I still can’t believe it. Everyone’s growing up so fast! *tear

Congratulations, you guys. All the best for the future!

Our college gang, sans the newlyweds. I was wearing the Awesomely Discounted Polkadot Heels with my blue-pink halterneck. They fit okay, but pinch a little bit. Because my feet are a size bigger. But they’re still worth it! Worth it I tell you!

Fadder Day, today

The parents are here for the night and we had the Japanese buffet at CenterPoint for dinner, which was scrumptious. Great dinners with loved ones are the best thing. The only thing which could’ve made it better would be if we had Koko-nut here with us, so. Hurry back you!


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