the folk of yesteryears


BestFriendMaz is back from the UK! Have missed her terribly, and it’s glorious to have her here again. Met up with the girlfriends in Subang this evening for scrumptious porridge steamboat. Yummy. Love it. Love them.

The nicest surprise came while we were having drinks after in SS14 Bistro though – first we ran into a couple of secondary schoolmates, then an old primary classmate, neither of whom I’ve seen for years. I’ve always remembered one of the said sec. schoolmates (who, come to think of it, actually goes way back to kindy with me), as being slightly rotund throughout his younger years. Now he be a lean mean muscular machine. Which is wonderful, really – it never fails to amaze me when I come across old friends from school who’ve shed their old looks to reveal how attractive they really can be.

The primary school classmate, a dashing young man whom I always used to invite to my pre-pubescent birthday parties every primary year and then had nothing else to do with after we entered different secondary schools, surprisingly still remembered my first name, and the birthday parties. Even more impressively, he remembered there was ice-cream cake. Goodness! I can’t even for the life of me remember what I had for dinner last Sunday.

It’s really nice to know that even though you haven’t been in touch with old schoolmates for donkey years, you still remain a part of their memories. For something as trivial as birthday celebrations, or, as I discovered to my horror from another old chum, for having absurdly curly hair comparable to a brand of instant noodles.

Name it and suffer my wrath.


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