home for the holidays


‘Tis the time of festivities once again, and as with the tradition, a wallpaper to commemorate the year – the Red Packet Mouse! Heaven help the child who opens this angpau.

Hooo! Am back in Melaka with the family for the Chinese New Year, on a glorious 2-week leave. I really hadn’t realised that the last time I returned here was during the last CNY.. golly, is it me or was last year just the quickest one ever?

Having 2 short weeks of liberty here, (besides indulging in miscellaneous hobbies) I mean to work on some freelance and portfolio works. My blessed laptop, as some of you might remember, is still, still out of commission.. so I copied files from my PC into an external hard disk the night before I left, intending to bring it with me to be continued on the computer here. Made sure all files were in order, materials, needed software etc were all copied, and bundled my little Wacom tablet in my bag. All set!

And now I sit here, tablet pen in hand, realising that yes indeed, I am missing something.

My external HD!





  Strizzt wrote @

It’s all schedules, deadlines, and late nights at work – and then, wham! – one whole year has flown by.

It’s now February! (sigh)

Oh well. Happy Chinese New Year! 😀

  ping wrote @

OMG so sickeningly cute.. got matching icons ar?

Hey you missed wallpapering last Xmas! Blasphemy!

  chii wrote @

Strizzt – Exactly! The months just slip by before you know it. Quite scary to think that we’ve worked a significant portion of our lives away and there’s no getting it back.

Pingers – Too tired to make icons this year, try next CNY mate! Eh, actually I did start on an Xmas wallpaper.. but turned it into a card and sent it to everyone’s SuperWall on Facebook. Ho ho!

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