freshly-baked goals


2007, to think of it, was quite an unspectacular year for me. There were a few memorable moments, but otherwise it was just all right. Also, my resolutions last year were unfortunately atrociously kept. I never did learn how to crochet or get more organised. NEVER AGAIN shall I shirk such responsibilities, I say! NEVER AGAIN!

So, along with millions of other people around the planet, I have made official New Year Resolutions to make 2008 more worthwhile, and they are listed henceforth:

#1 : Free space of clutter;
Rubbish of very slight sentimental value (e.g old graphic design scrapbooks, old game cd-roms, recycled wrappings etc)
Clothes in the closet which don’t fit or look good, and will probably never fit or look good.

#2 : Improve in:
punctuality, flash scripting, cooking, home DIY, keeping in contact with friends, remembering birthdays.

#3 : Indulge in:
more baking, crafting, charity work (potential scammers who come up to you while you’re eating out and ask for donations are dodgy and therefore are null and void)

#4: Get my artwork somewhere;
have a proper portfolio up, take part in competitions, be more active in DA, or something.

#5: Take better care of myself:
eat more healthily, exercise more, get enough sleep, drink more water, moisturize regularly. while i’m at it, should also start exfoliating.

#6: Nix:
procrastination, unnecessary sarcasm, heading sentences with ‘I think’, the compulsiveness to repeat myself while speaking.

#7: Make a memorable trip somewhere.
a romantic beach getaway, a romantic mountain getaway, or a romantic japan getaway.

#8: Re-read this list at the end of the year and have a little smarmy laugh.
..with a flute of champagne in one hand while adjusting my monocle with the other. “Yes, ol’ chap, I’ve done it!” I will proclaim. “I am a creative philanthropic baker at the peak of my health!

Oh yeah, and also carry over last year’s resolutions. Crocheted dolls and Ikea containers, you shall be within my grasp!


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