online driving tests and rescuing kittens

There was an article in The Star Online today about thousands of students cheating on the prerequisite online theory test for the L driving license. For an amount between RM100-400, someone can take the test in their place, or rig the computer system to pass them.

All I can say is.. you can take Highway Code tests online now?! Golly! Gone are the days of waking up at the crack of dawn to sit ticking off answers on paper in a stuffy classroom. How do you know students sitting for tests online aren’t referring to answers in books at home anyway? Will have to ask a younger cousin about this.

Earlier this week, my home once again experienced the warmth of a kitten for a night. Erico rescued a shivering little baby cat trapped in a car engine parked next to his at work, and rang me up to decide what to do next. Seeing as the kit’s mother was nowhere to be found, it was dark, cold and raining heavily, and other cats were bound to bully it, we decided to have it stay for the night at my place where it would at least be fed and kept warm for a while.


At first, the little cat was rather wary of all the attention (especially after I gave it a bath to scrub out all the ticks) but after a while it warmed up and became quite affectionate. Made a little nest for it in a bucket placed sideways, where it curled up and went to sleep after a bout of playing. It woke up and mewled several times during the night though, and we had to get out of bed, feed it and pet it back to sleep. I’ve never tended to babies at night, but I’m guessing this is somewhat close how it feels haha. The little kitten even burped after it was fed. GAAA! You simply must hear a kitten burp. It will knock you over and kill the monsters under your bed with its sheer cuteness.

The next morning, Eric took the little kitten back to his workplace, where he found it. It had disappeared by the time he got out for lunch, so we’re hoping it’s reunited with its mum.

It might sound rather crazy, taking a kitten in for a night and leaving it at the same place the next day – but I’d like to think that at least for one cold rainy night, it had somewhere warm to sleep and eat. It’s quite heartbreaking to think of a little month-old kitten shivering in the cold, all alone and hungry.. so bad night’s sleep and all, I’m still glad that we did it. Hope the little kit is managing okay now.

Oh! How I wish my two cats were with me once again!

Work has been quite leisurely as of late because a project has just ended and a new one has yet to begin, so I spent a rather nice day painting a line sketch. It’s not really finished yet but here’s a preview of the face:


Her lips were originally paler, but I had to fix the colour because Aaron said it looked like she was foaming at the mouth. Such constructive criticism!



  ping wrote @

Maybe there’s a set time limit to answer all the questions, so that there’ll be no time to refer to books? Me dunno either.

Yes, you’re absolutely crazy to take in a dirty, scruffy, stray cat out of nowhere into your home. A good kind of crazy , but crazy nonetheless.

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