breaking in the blog

I was actually prepared to set up a blogspot for ze temporary residence, but then I remembered that I had a perfectly good WordPress account festering with neglectment. Ne’er an entry have I posted here since I registered yoinks ago. So here I be! It’s pretty cool – you get nifty widgets to bung into your sidebar, sub-pages can be set up and managing posts are simple.

Unfortunately, your blog’s look is only limited to pre-set themes, and you have to pay to customize the css in the layout. Nevahmind! At least this theme allows its header image to be changed, which is enough fer me. It’s so very liberating not having to think up a whole new design for a layout. Mmm.

Still bumbling around here, figuring out the way things work. Not sure if I can put my own content in the sidebar; as far as I’ve seen, it seems that you can only place WordPress widgets there. Aaagh! And doesn’t allow external advertisements. Which means no Nuffnang as long as I’m here. Aaagh!



  Ivan wrote @

Hey can install widgets ler..

  chii wrote @

The widgets are already pre-installed haha. It’s a take it or leave it! So far it’s been really neat though.

  danny_foo wrote @

And here you are resorting to this…

Your life that busy ar? 😛

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